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What do you wear under your clothes? Shape-wear is making a tremendous comeback since years past. These days, you can find everything from girdles to hold the belly flab in place to spanks to keep your buns from jiggling around. What shape-wear could help your clothing fit you better? What shape-wear shouldn't be worn if you have certain health problems? This blog is all about shape-wear. You will learn about the latest trends and about the different options that you have to choose from. By the time you have read through everything here, you will know exactly what you need to look and feel your best.


Can You Use Military Boots For Hiking?

7 December 2018
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The "right" shoes or boots for hiking is a general concept that you have to customize to your own feet. While there are universal issues that everyone needs to look for, such as the boots having tread on the soles that will allow the boots to grip uneven ground, much of what makes a good boot is very personal. In the search for hiking boots that work for you, you may see military footwear advertised on surplus websites. Read More …

Are You Buying Presents For Your Athletic Daughter?

26 October 2018
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Do you have just one daughter who adores sports? Perhaps she's an only child or maybe she has sisters, but they simply aren't athletic. No matter the situation, if you have a daughter who is very much into the athletic scene, you more than likely want to buy her Christmas presents that she can use for sports and for everyday use. From selecting athletic shoes to buying great workout clothes, here are some ideas that might help you to shop for your athletic daughter. Read More …

What Should You Wear To A Square Dance?

7 September 2018
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Attending a square dance is so much fun! Even if you have never square danced before in your life, it's pretty easy to follow along with the instructions in the music and do-see-do with the best of them. But what should you wear to such an event? Picking the right outfit is not only important to your own experience, but to the experience of others who attend the dance. If everyone is dressed in fun, festive garb, then the whole dance will feel more authentic. Read More …

Purchasing Baby Pajamas And Keeping Certain Safety Concerns In Mind

18 June 2018
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Purchasing baby pajamas is much harder than it looks. If older kids don't like certain outfits, they can usually tell their parents about it. When it comes to baby clothes, parents will have to rely more heavily on their own judgment. They can study how their young children react when they dress them, and they can keep certain guidelines in mind. Parents absolutely have to make sure that the pajamas aren't too loose. Read More …

Plan A Super Fun Alien-Themed Party For Your Child

18 April 2018
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Is your child having a birthday party soon? Perhaps you have decided to celebrate with an alien-themed birthday party. Did he or she select the theme, or did you? Either way, you're in for some pretty fun planning. After all, people of all ages believe in aliens, right? Whether you believe or not, the theme is just plain entertaining and you can be super creative as you plan the event. From the invitations to buying alien T-shirts, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a memorable event for your child's birthday celebration. Read More …