Plan A Super Fun Alien-Themed Party For Your Child

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Plan A Super Fun Alien-Themed Party For Your Child

18 April 2018
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Is your child having a birthday party soon? Perhaps you have decided to celebrate with an alien-themed birthday party. Did he or she select the theme, or did you? Either way, you're in for some pretty fun planning. After all, people of all ages believe in aliens, right? Whether you believe or not, the theme is just plain entertaining and you can be super creative as you plan the event. From the invitations to buying alien T-shirts, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a memorable event for your child's birthday celebration.

The Invitations - Set the mood with the invitations you send in the mail. Consider making them yourself, either with your child or alone. Even a little kid can do a simple sketch of something like a spaceship or even an alien monster. Put the picture on the front of the card along with words like Zoom Into The Real World To Celebrate My Birthday! Don't forget to add an RSVP so you'll have a pretty good idea of how many kids will be coming to the event. If the invitation list is a long one, consider inviting another mom to help you.

The Activities - Alien games, of course! More than likely, you can make up your own games pretty easily. For example, get a large plastic bowl. Next get smaller bowls, say small cereal bowls, and call them spaceships. Let the kids stand in line to see how many of the small spaceships they can toss into the Mother Space Ship. Another idea is to play the old-fashioned game where kids go around chairs, leaving one kid standing without a chair. Except, instead of playing regular music, play eerie space sounding music.

Alien T-shirts - When it's time for your child to open his or her presents, think of giving the birthday child one or two t-shirts with aliens as part of the design. Alien t-shirts come in so many designs that you might have trouble choosing just one or two. In addition, you can find such affordable ones that you could even buy each of the birthday party guests an alien t-shirt to take home as a party favor. While you're buying the alien shirts, don't forget to buy one for yourself and wear it to the party, just to help you set the stage for a very fun celebration for your kid.