Three Popular Hoodie Styles

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Three Popular Hoodie Styles

7 March 2023
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A hoodie is a highly popular garment that you can wear during all sorts of activities. A lot of people wear hoodies when they're working out, whether it's running in their neighborhood or lifting weights at a local gym. The casual look of this sweatshirt also makes it good to wear during weekend errands, and you may also enjoy the warmth of a hoodie when you're sitting on your deck in the evening, camping, or snuggling with a loved one while watching a movie. If you're interested in shopping for a new hoodie to wear, here are three styles that you'll commonly find available. 


Pullover hoodies are arguably the most common type of this sweatshirt. To put a pullover hoodie on or take it off, you have to pull it over your head. A lot of people like this design because it has a clean front. If you want a hoodie that features a crest of a screen-printed logo or series of words, a pullover garment will allow this design to stand out. Pullover hoodies tend to have a sporty look, which can make this style work well for those who are fitness minded.


You'll also see a lot of hoodies for sale that have a zipper up the front. The length of the zipper can vary from model to model. On some hoodies, the zipper runs all the way from the neck opening to the bottom of the garment. Other hoodies have a zipper that only covers the upper third or upper half of the garment. You might prefer a zip-up hoodie over a pullover garment if you often get hot and want to be able to cool down without removing the garment. Lowering the zipper to a desired point will allow fresh air to hit your torso.


There are also some hoodies on the market that have buttons up the front. While pullover and zipper styles are more common, it's easy to find a button-up hoodie at lots of clothing stores. The buttons on these sweatshirts tend to be large, rather than the small buttons you'd find on a dress shirt. Some button-up hoodies have buttons down the entire front of the sweatshirt, while others have just a few buttons below the neck opening. If you want to be able to put on your hoodie and take it off without messing up your hair, a button-up design will be your best choice.

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