What Should You Wear To A Square Dance?

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What Should You Wear To A Square Dance?

7 September 2018
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Attending a square dance is so much fun! Even if you have never square danced before in your life, it's pretty easy to follow along with the instructions in the music and do-see-do with the best of them. But what should you wear to such an event? Picking the right outfit is not only important to your own experience, but to the experience of others who attend the dance. If everyone is dressed in fun, festive garb, then the whole dance will feel more authentic. To that end, here's what you should wear to a square dance.

1. Western Boots

A good pair of western boots is the basis of the perfect square dancing outfit! Look for a pair with rounded toes, as these make it easier to move around quickly on your feet. A little, half-inch heel is great, but don't go higher than that or your feet may get sore. From there, the style is up to you. Taller boots tend to look more refined, while short, chunky boots have a casual appeal. If you're more of a subdued personality, brown or black boots help reflect that, whereas colorful ones bring out a vibrant personality.

2. Jeans

Whether you're a guy or a gal, wearing jeans to a square dance is perfect. They look casual, they're comfortable, and you can pair them with any color top. If you have colorful boots you want to show off, skinny jeans that tuck into your boots would be ideal. If you have more subdued boots, boot-leg jeans are the better option. 

Women who want to dress up a little more can wear a long, flowing skirt instead of jeans. Stay away from short skirts, however. They're just too much work to keep in place when you're dancing across the square!

3. A Blouse or Button-Down

A blouse dresses up your jeans a little bit and adds some frill to your attire. Look for one with some ruffles or bows, as these are traditional in western attire. If you're a guy, a button-down shirt in a solid color works well. One with two breast pockets has the most authentic western look.

4. A Western Hat

Finally, you can top it all off with a western hat! Make sure it's one that fits well enough that you don't lose it as you're dancing around. If you have long hair, braiding it and securing it with a ribbon lets it stream down behind your hat without looking messy.