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shape-wear for better fitting clothes

What do you wear under your clothes? Shape-wear is making a tremendous comeback since years past. These days, you can find everything from girdles to hold the belly flab in place to spanks to keep your buns from jiggling around. What shape-wear could help your clothing fit you better? What shape-wear shouldn't be worn if you have certain health problems? This blog is all about shape-wear. You will learn about the latest trends and about the different options that you have to choose from. By the time you have read through everything here, you will know exactly what you need to look and feel your best.


How To Protect Your Leather Handbags In Humid Weather

6 June 2016
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Leather handbags in humid weather tend to get a green dusty or strange layer. If you try to remove the dust, then it leaves behind dirty white patches. This discoloration is the development of mold on the surface of your leather goods. Mold tends to form in humid and dark areas in your house. Read on to find out how to protect your leather handbags in humid weather. Clean Up Your Air With Charcoal Read More …

4 Tips For Women To Find Their Perfect Jeans

12 May 2016
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Jeans are a staple piece in your wardrobe, but it can be a nightmare to find ones that both fit and flatter your body. Knowing exactly what you are looking for on your next shopping trip can make the process less frustrating. Broaden Your Sizing Horizon Stop narrowing your sizing options to one specific section. You will likely find jeans with a better fit if you do not fully dedicate yourself to juniors, misses, or women's. Read More …

Choosing Bikini Bottoms That Flatter Your Shape: What To Look For And Why

30 March 2016
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Not everyone can have the typical bikini body, but everyone can wear bikinis when they know which bottoms to wear. There are more than a half dozen styles of bikini bottoms, and each type has a fit that can flatter a specific body shape. Rather than focus on how you cannot wear a bikini this summer, here is how you can, what to look for in your best bikini bottoms and why they work for you. Read More …

Extra Weight? ~ No Problem. Use These Tips To Look Amazing In Scrubs

13 January 2016
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If you work in an industry that requires you to dress in uniform scrubs, you may feel limited when it comes to your work wardrobe options, especially if you are required to wear certain colors to distinguish your work role or department. You can look stylish and trendy in your work scrubs by ensuring that you select scrub apparel that complements your body type. If you are self-conscious about having a few extra pounds of body fat, use the following information to help you select scrubs that complement your frame and weight. Read More …

How To Find The Best Work Boots For Your Man

7 December 2015
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Finding a present that your man can appreciate is sometimes a chore. But if you can score the right gear, tools, or clothing that he'll not only use but love, you know that you've accomplished something great. Work boots can be a much-appreciated gift, when they're selected for having a few key attributes. So if you're looking for the best work boots to give your man this holiday season, consider how to find ones that will cover the basics. Read More …