Choosing Bikini Bottoms That Flatter Your Shape: What To Look For And Why

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Choosing Bikini Bottoms That Flatter Your Shape: What To Look For And Why

30 March 2016
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Not everyone can have the typical bikini body, but everyone can wear bikinis when they know which bottoms to wear. There are more than a half dozen styles of bikini bottoms, and each type has a fit that can flatter a specific body shape. Rather than focus on how you cannot wear a bikini this summer, here is how you can, what to look for in your best bikini bottoms and why they work for you.

Girls with Curves

Big-bottomed girls and girls with hips/curves should look for bikini bottoms that:

  • Rise high in the waist and/or leg openings to lengthen legs
  • Have thick waistbands to draw attention to the waist and give you an even more flattering hourglass shape
  • Have either full coverage in back, or go with a thong if you have a set of perfectly rounded gluteus maximus cheeks back there and want to show them off.

Additionally, avoid horizontal stripes, which can make you look pear-shaped rather than hourglass-shaped (because the stripes make you look wider) and avoid large, flowery prints which tend to stretch even wider over your buttocks and hips, making you look bigger than you are.

Girls with Small Hips or No Hips

Girls with small hips or no hips in many ways can do the opposite of girls with curves. If you fall into these body shape categories, you can wear horizontal stripes and big, flowery prints because you want to create the illusion of hips or bigger hips. String bikini bottoms as well as v-string, g-string and thong bikini bottoms all work well with your more petite figure. If you have a little bit of a belly that you want to hide, there are bikini styles with a little tummy control that still allow you to wear these more revealing and hip-emphasizing options.

Bikini Bottoms That Work for Everyone

Rio-cut moderate and Rio-cut bikinis both have less coverage in back, which can show off a nice set of buttocks, or create an optical illusion of fuller buttocks for anyone that has a less-than-full bottom. Boy shorts bikini bottoms also work for any body shape because the low-rise versions flatter girls with flat tummies, while the high-rise versions look more like sexy cut-off shorts for girls with rounder bottoms or little tummy pouches they want to hide. The Brazilian bikini cut is only slightly more cloth than a thong, but variations on the Brazilian, such as a flutter panel connected to the waist, can really make your booty pop.

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