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What do you wear under your clothes? Shape-wear is making a tremendous comeback since years past. These days, you can find everything from girdles to hold the belly flab in place to spanks to keep your buns from jiggling around. What shape-wear could help your clothing fit you better? What shape-wear shouldn't be worn if you have certain health problems? This blog is all about shape-wear. You will learn about the latest trends and about the different options that you have to choose from. By the time you have read through everything here, you will know exactly what you need to look and feel your best.


Custom Embroidery Ideas To Consider For Your Clothing

14 September 2022
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Embroidery is an excellent way to take your fiber skills to a new level or to appreciate fiber in a new way in your wardrobe. You can take your clothing pieces to a whole new level by making them customized with embroidery. Embroider your pieces yourself or hire someone to embroider them for you to get the best results. Here are some ideas to consider when it comes to custom embroidery for your clothing. Read More …

First Time Tips For Sewing Clothing Made With Silk Charmeuse Fabric

16 May 2022
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If you enjoy sewing your own clothing and are ready to try something new, silk charmeuse fabric will not disappoint. With its shimmering appearance and medium weight, silk charmeuse fabric is perfect for sewing formal wear, dresses, swimwear, and blouses. However, due to its delicate nature, you will need to follow a few sewing tips to protect the silky fabric and achieve the best results. Before you sew Like any sewing project, taking the time to prepare the fabric is important for removing manufacturing residue and protecting against shrinkage once the garment is constructed. Read More …

Investing In Men’s Humor T-Shirts: When To Wear Them

28 January 2022
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There's no sense in buying a piece of clothing if you cannot wear it whenever you wish, so when you buy men's humor t-shirts, make sure you have in mind where and how you can wear these funny shirts. A humor t-shirt may have a silly saying on it or just have imagery meant to bring out a chuckle, but these shirts may not be appropriate in all settings and might actually be offensive to some. Read More …