First Time Tips For Sewing Clothing Made With Silk Charmeuse Fabric

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First Time Tips For Sewing Clothing Made With Silk Charmeuse Fabric

16 May 2022
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If you enjoy sewing your own clothing and are ready to try something new, silk charmeuse fabric will not disappoint. With its shimmering appearance and medium weight, silk charmeuse fabric is perfect for sewing formal wear, dresses, swimwear, and blouses. However, due to its delicate nature, you will need to follow a few sewing tips to protect the silky fabric and achieve the best results.

Before you sew

Like any sewing project, taking the time to prepare the fabric is important for removing manufacturing residue and protecting against shrinkage once the garment is constructed. Wash silk charmeuse fabric by hand in cool water with just a small amount of mild detergent. After washing, use several cool water rinses to remove all the soap before you lay the material flat for drying.

Cutting concerns

Silk charmeuse can be a little tricky to work with when cutting out your pattern. Adding a layer of tissue paper between the fabric and the pattern will reduce slippage and make it easier to cut. Use fabric weights or silk pins to stabilize the fabric prior to cutting.

Needle and thread size matters                                                 

Choose a sharp needle in a small size when sewing clothing made with silk charmeuse. This is vital for preventing visible holes in the fabric from the needle. Look for special silk thread at your fabric store, but if silk thread is not available, you can substitute cotton embroidery thread instead.

Do not get weighed down with interfacing

Avoid heavy and medium weight interfacing when sewing with silk charmeuse fabric. Heavier weight interfacings are too stiff for the soft and silky fabric and will interfere with its natural draping ability. Use the lightest interfacing you can find or fusible silk interfacing if possible.

Navigating seams and hems

Silk charmeuse can be picky when it comes to stitching seams and hems. You will need to shorten the stitch length on your sewing machine to create small stitches and accommodate the delicate fabric. Make French seams in garments to prevent the fabric from raveling and always use a narrow hem attachment on your machine to create a hem that will not look bulky.

New seamstresses often avoid using fabrics like silk charmeuse due to fears of the fabric being challenging to work with. You will need to take a few necessary precautions when working with silk charmeuse. However, following a few basic tips will ease your mind and help you feel confident when sewing with this beautiful fabric. 

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