3 Ways Laundromats Help You Save Time On Laundry Day

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3 Ways Laundromats Help You Save Time On Laundry Day

16 July 2021
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If you typically wash all of your household laundry once a week using your household washer and dryer, then you may find that this task takes up almost your entire day. If you would like to cut down on the time you spend washing laundry, then consider taking your laundry to a laundromat instead of washing it at home.

While all laundromats are unique, here are three ways washing your laundry at a laundromat instead of at home can help you save time. 

1. Wash All Laundry Loads at Once

While you likely only have one washing machine and dryer at your home, laundromats are equipped with multiple machines. For this reason, you can greatly cut down on the time you spend washing your laundry each week by washing all of your laundry loads at once in separate washing machines instead of washing one load at a time at home. 

2. Cut Drying Time with Laundry Extractors

Simultaneously drying all of your laundry loads in separate dryers at the laundromat instead of one-by-one in your home dryer can also help you save time on laundry day. However, you can further cut down laundry drying time by removing additional water from your laundry with the help of a laundry extractor.

Laundry extractors are large laundry centrifuges that spin clothing at high speeds. These machines extract additional water from laundry that is left behind after the washing machine spin cycle. In fact, some laundry extractors spin at speeds of over 1500 mph and can cut the drying time of some items, such as towels, in half. 

3. Dry Clothes Faster in Hotter Dryers

Whether or not your laundromat is equipped with laundry extractors, you will likely find that your clothing dries much faster inside of commercial dryers than inside of your dryer at home. 

While the typical household dryer is equipped with several heat settings, the internal temperature of a household dryer typically reaches a maximum of about 135 degrees F when on even the highest heat setting. On the contrary, commercial dryers, such as those in laundromats, are known to reach temperatures as high as 176 degrees F. When the air inside of a clothes dryer is hotter, clothing typically dries much faster. 

If you dislike spending hours every weekend washing your family's laundry at home, then you should consider washing your laundry at a laundromat instead. When you wash all of your laundry at once in several machines, utilize time-saving laundry extractors, and dry your clothing in super-hot laundromat dryers, you can cut laundry time down greatly. To learn more, contact a company like First Street Laundromat.