Must-Have Hoodies For Men

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Must-Have Hoodies For Men

29 October 2020
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Hoodies are a wardrobe essential, particularly for men. They have become more and more popular throughout the years, with now even the most luxurious fashion houses releasing a few different versions every year. However, not all hoodies are the sam,e and it is important that you have a couple on hand for each different occasion. When creating a flexible wardrobe, hoodies play a big role and can suit many different occasions if you get the right ones. Here are three hoodie variants that you absolutely must-have in your collection. 

Athletic Hoodie

A men's grey zippered athletic hoodie is one of the most widely prevalent types of hoodie that you'll find available. Athletic hoodies should be lighter, made of a synthetic fabric to withstand sweat and constant motion, and have strong pockets secured with metal zippers. These hoodies help you exercise in comfort whatever time of year it is, while also acting as a lighter hoodie alternative during hikes, family vacations and other, more active events. Grey is the colour of choice because a men's grey zippered athletic hoodie is easy to match with virtually any coloured pants, shorts, shoes, and athletic accessories, making it the most dynamic of colours when it comes to athletic wear. 

Fashion Hoodies

These hoodies are made to be worn out on casual events and dates, where the focus is not so much on durability or athletic prowess but comfort and style. Go for cotton or cotton blend hoodies, as they offer the most warmth in winter and fall. While you can spend thousands in this department on luxury fashion hoodies from high-end brandsthat is not really necessary as fashion hoodies tend to not last very long. Go for a simple colour scheme with maybe a minor graphic or label on the front, and avoid gaudy designs.


These are the hoodies that you can just throw on when you don't have anywhere particular to be but want to be warm and comfortable in your home or when you go grab a bite to eat. Often people accumulate lounging hoodies from corporate events or on holidays, and these can be as silly or serious as you want. Look for hoodies that have a slightly longer, relaxed fit and preferably a pocket up the front. Zippers are strongly discouraged, as they can be quite uncomfortable and dig into you when you are trying to get cosy.