Prepare Cheerleading Outfits For A Regional Competition

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Prepare Cheerleading Outfits For A Regional Competition

10 December 2019
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If you are proud of the fact that your junior cheerleading group was invited to take part in a regional competition, the type of outfit that each cheerleader wears may be something that you would like to contemplate. If the youth members are going to be required to perform a dance and cheer routine in front of many audience members, designing outfits that are both stylish and comfortable may have an impact on the performance and the possibility that your group members will be recognized for their efforts.

Choose A Cotton Spandex Fabric

Cotton is a classic material that has been manufactured for decades. Many people wear cotton shorts, shirts, and dresses, due to the affordability of the fabric and the lightweight softness that a garment provides. When you combine cotton with spandex, you are dealing with a fabric that is resilient and stretchy. For people who tend to frequently gain or lose weight or for those people who have a little bit of extra weight around their midline or thighs, a cotton and spandex blend can be a true asset.

Because the fabric won't be rigid and restrictive, anyone who has been dealing with body issues and who has been struggling to find an outfit that will fit properly will appreciate that they are able to pull off a seamless look and will be able to bend, jump, and twist their body in any manner that they desire, without being concerned about the fabric bunching.

Either Make Each Outfit Or Embellish Premade Garments

Choose a color scheme or design that is representative of the cheerleading group. Decide if you have enough time to make each outfit yourself or if you would like to purchase some garments that have already been manufactured. A shirt and shorts combo or a soft flowing skirt that is paired with a bodysuit will be suitable for the competition.

If you would like to enhance some basic cotton spandex garments that you purchase, a stretchy belt that shimmers or iron-on transfers that each contain a cheerleader's name or the name of the cheerleading group can be used to accentuate each outfit.

If you have decided to sew each garment, seek assistance with the project. Send out a memo to the parents and request volunteers. After purchasing cotton spandex fabric, thread, and additional sewing notions, plan to complete the assembly of each outfit, during a time and date that your volunteers will be available to help you.