Four Wardrobe Basics You Need To Pack For That Upcoming Alaska Cruise

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Four Wardrobe Basics You Need To Pack For That Upcoming Alaska Cruise

20 February 2018
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If you've never cruised the gorgeous waters of Southeast Alaska's Inside Passage before, you're in for quite an incredible experience. You'll see pristine islands where human beings have never lived, an abundance of wildlife, ethereal glaciers rising out of crystal clear waters, and long, lingering sunsets that last for up to two hours. You'll enjoy port cities such as Juneau and Skagway that provide an authentic look into Alaska's frontier history, and you'll be able to savor some of the freshest seafood on the planet. However, you may be wondering what you should pack for this trip—after all, going to Alaska isn't the same as cruising through the warm, tropical waters of the Caribbean. Here's what you need to pack in your suitcase in order to get the most from your Alaska cruise.

A Lightweight, Waterproof Jacket

Rain happens in Alaska during each month of the year, and although you'll probably experience good weather for the majority of your cruise during the months of June and July, it's unlikely that you'll get by without seeing a single speck of rain. Including a lightweight, waterproof jacket in your suitcase can be a lifesaver. Keep in mind that the weather during the average day in Alaska's Inside Passage can be extremely variable—it can start out sunny and bright, be raining several hours later, be sunny again in the afternoon, experience a small squall during early evening, and clear up in time to enjoy the region's famous long sunset. 

A Sturdy Pair of Nonslip Walking Shoes 

You'll probably be doing a lot of walking while in the port cities of the Inside Passage, so make sure you've got a good, sturdy pair of nonslip walking shoes so that you can enjoy your time offshore. Boardwalks are common in the port cities, and choosing shoes with a non-skid soles helps you navigate them safely.

Even if rain isn't part of the picture, the boardwalks are generally crowded when the ships are in port, and wearing a pair of nonslip shoes helps decrease the risks of having a slip-and-fall accident because someone's spilled something slippery like ice cream or soda. These can also come in handy if you decide to take advantage of many of the offshore opportunities to go on a brief hike. 

A Long-Sleeved Performance Shirt

Daytime temperatures rarely get over 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the Inside Passage, and for most people, this means wearing long-sleeved shirts for optimal comfort. A good long-sleeved performance shirt lets you relax on the deck of cruise ship without being chilly, and it provides protection against mosquitoes during the evening hours when you want to sit outside and enjoy the long, lingering sunsets that Southeast Alaska is famous for. Also, port city activities include opportunities to go fishing, kayaking and hiking, as well as opportunities to enjoy other outdoor pastimes, and performance gear is recommended for these adventures because they help you remain dry, cool, and comfortable during physical activities. 

Another added benefit of wearing performance shirts is that they provide protection from the sun's UV rays. They generally have stain-resistant properties and are antimicrobial to help keep unpleasant odors at bay. Contact companies like Over Under Clothing to learn more about performance long-sleeve shirts.

A Waterproof Hat

A waterproof hat should also be a part of the picture when the time comes to pack your suitcase to head off on your cruise—you may be tempted to take a wool stocking cap, but this isn't the best choice when rainy weather may be a part of the picture. A small waterproof hat that you can easily pull out of your pocket when you get caught in a squall will be invaluable during your time in Alaska.