Using Cloth Diapers For Your New Baby? 4 Accessories That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

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Using Cloth Diapers For Your New Baby? 4 Accessories That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

2 December 2017
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If you're about to have a baby, you should know that they will go through anywhere from 5000 to 8000 diapers before they're potty trained. That's a lot of diapers to be tossed into the local landfill. That's why many parents are switching to cloth diapers. If you've decided to join the ranks of cloth diaper users, there are a few accessories you'll need to pick up before your baby arrives. These accessories will help make life easier and will extend the life of your cloth diapers.

Assorted Cover Pants

Back in the day, cloth diapers were held in place with safety pins and rubber pants. Those days are now gone. Today's diapers are held in place with decorative cover pants that not only keep your baby drier, they also offer to eliminate the odors that used to get trapped in with rubber pants. Cover pants come in a wide variety of colors, textures and designs, which means you can coordinate the covers to the outfits your baby is wearing, or just add a little t-shirt and your baby will be ready to go.

Insulated Wet Bags

With cloth diapers, you won't be tossing them in the trash once they get soiled. If you're going to be out with your baby, you'll need a way to carry the soiled diapers home with you. That's where insulated wet bags come in handy. Zippered wet bags keep your soiled diapers tucked neatly away until you can get home. As an added benefit, you can also use them to store other wet clothing items so that your diaper bag will stay clean and dry. Once you get home, you can toss the wet bag in the laundry with your soiled diapers.

Reusable Dryer Balls

When you wash your cloth diapers, you'll want them to stay soft, so they'll feel better on your baby's bottom. However, you don't want to use fabric softeners, since they can interfere with the absorbency of the cloth diapers. The last thing you want is to have your cloth diapers start leaking because you were using fabric softener. Reusable dryer balls keep your cloth diapers soft without the use of chemical softeners. You can use either the reusable rubber dryer balls or the reusable cotton dryer balls. Both types will keep your baby's diapers soft.

Natural-Fiber Diaper Pail

When you take cloth diapers off your baby, you'll need a place to store them until laundry day. The best way to do that is with a natural fiber diaper pail and linen pail liners. The natural fiber diaper pail will allow your diapers to breathe while they're waiting to be laundered. The linen pail liners help prevent odors from getting locked into the diaper pail. Best of all, you can toss them in the washing machine with your cloth diapers.

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