Going on a Rafting and Camping Adventure? Don't Forget These Must-Have Equipment Pieces

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Going on a Rafting and Camping Adventure? Don't Forget These Must-Have Equipment Pieces

22 February 2017
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Hitting the open water in your raft with intentions of setting up camp somewhere downstream is a lot of fun for sure. However, this kind of adventure is only the most enjoyable if you have everything you need in the raft with you. So before you grab your current gear and rafting equipment and set out, it is a good idea to make sure you have the right stuff for the trip. Check out these useful pieces of rafting equipment you must have if you're going on a rafting and camping excursion. 

Raft Repair Kit - This one is a must have whether you are going camping or not, but before you head out on an overnight trip, it is always best to make sure you have a good raft repair kit and it has ample supplies inside. The last thing you want is to make it to a remote camping spot only to discover that your raft is damaged and cannot make the trip back or travel farther downstream. A good raft repair kit will have everything you need to make quick repairs, from a small valve repair kit to patches and adhesive for the raft itself. 

Stove Bag - If you are like most rafters who head off on a camping trip, once you hit your destination, you will pull out a camping stove to cook up some vittles instead of dealing with the hazards of an open fire. However convenient it may be to carry your camping stove on a rafting and camping adventure, you must remember that the stove has to be protected from moisture or you will probably not get a lot of use out of it. Invest in a good waterproof bag for your stove, preferably one that has latches attached so you can hook it securely inside of the raft. 

Human Waste Bucket - Most campers leave this one out to save on space. However, if you will be camping in a location where there are bears roaming the woods, dropping human waste in the woods unprotected will be big mistake. The smell can attract predators to your campsite, so it is well worth the raft space to take along a human waste bucket. This bucket most often doubles as a portable toilet with a lid that contains waste inside safely where odors will not be an issue while you are in the woods. 

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