2 Tips For Selling Your Custom T-Shirts Without Relying On Your Own Website

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2 Tips For Selling Your Custom T-Shirts Without Relying On Your Own Website

13 September 2016
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Making your own custom t-shirts can be an exciting business venture. Once you understand how to create quality t-shirts, it can be a challenge to figure out how to sell your t-shirts. While creating your own website can be good for establishing a web presence, it can be difficult to make people aware of your site. Maintaining a website requires a lot of marketing. Therefore, until you are more established, you may not get as many orders as you would like through your website. This can make growing your custom t-shirt business difficult. Luckily, there are a few other tips that you can use to ensure that you are able to sell your custom t-shirts without relying on your own website.

Join Third Party T-shirt Selling Platforms

Third party selling platforms are platforms that allow brands and businesses to sell their products through the site. A third-party platform does most of the marketing for you. Therefore, they already have a large customer base and following that know about the platform. By being a part of the platform you get free exposure to new customers that you may have had difficulty reaching on your own. Once you become more established on a third-party platform, you can set up your own website and begin using it as your main channel for sales. 

Sell Through a Screen Printing Shop

If you get your custom t-shirts made through a screen printing shop, then there is a high chance that they carry merchandise of their own. Since you already do business with the shop, it may be easier for you to secure a space in the shop. Selling your custom t-shirts in a screen printing design shop not only gives you a brick and mortar location but it also allows you to get more exposure to the t-shirt printing world. Stores that are looking for screen printing services may visit the shop and take interest in your designs. This can lead to another store carrying your designs. While the internet is great for reaching a number of different customers, a local brick and mortar shop can help to establish you in your own community.

Having a website of your own can help to legitimize your t-shirt business. However, it can be difficult to generate enough sales through the site once you first open. Therefore, use these tips to make sure that you are able to find other ways to sell your custom t-shirts.