How To Find The Best Work Boots For Your Man

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How To Find The Best Work Boots For Your Man

7 December 2015
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Finding a present that your man can appreciate is sometimes a chore. But if you can score the right gear, tools, or clothing that he'll not only use but love, you know that you've accomplished something great. Work boots can be a much-appreciated gift, when they're selected for having a few key attributes. So if you're looking for the best work boots to give your man this holiday season, consider how to find ones that will cover the basics.

Consider Safety

Safety considerations are important to look for when you're buying work boots. Always look for work boots that can protect against heavy falling objects, slipping, static accumulation, electrocution, and chemical abrasion.

Look for reinforced rubber or vinyl outer soles of work boots to help provide traction and protection in oil or chemical-laden work areas. Rubber and vinyl outer soles also include options like anti-static, conductive, or non-conductive to protect against electrical hazards at work. Anti-static boots help to dissipate any static that accumulates during walking, which is useful on job sites where static buildup can be dangerous. And anti-static options also provide resistance against sources of live electricity. Conductive boots only work to dissipate static safely (without providing electrical hazard protection), whereas non-conductive ones offer the maximum electrical hazard protection your man would need if he came into contact with a live wire.

Options like steel, aluminum, and composite reinforcements for toes offer increased protection from falling objects and equipment used in construction, industrial, and manufacturing trades. Composite materials and aluminum are typically lighter in weight and offer less temperature conductivity that you'd find with steel reinforcements. Some boots are also being manufactured to include protective guards that reach higher across the metatarsals, which can be an added layer of protection.

What Makes The Difference

Other options that can make a big difference in how much mileage your man gets out of his work boots include comfort, fit, appearance, and guarantees. Comfort should always be a priority, so look for options that maximize the space inside the toe box, including regular and wide options, and customization availability. Boots made from natural leather may stretch better over time, so they can provide increased comfort to a man that needs a little give, not to mention a look that goes well with almost anything. But if you think high visibility is a priority or water resistance takes precedence, look for boot options that protect in a wider range of environments using rubber or polymeric materials.

If you can find a company that replaces the boots after they're worn, you've made a smart investment for your man. But even if the boots you buy don't come with that awesome of a deal, you may still want to look for a boot company that backs the product through other guarantees. If you're looking for a company that specializes in custom boots, visit White's Boots.