Avoid These Four Mistakes When Shopping For Cowboy Boots

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Avoid These Four Mistakes When Shopping For Cowboy Boots

17 October 2015
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It may seem that purchasing cowboy boots is the same as buying other shoes, but there are some things you need to keep in mind that are particular to these kinds of boots. Here are some mistakes to avoid when buying cowboy boots so that you buy the right boots for you.

Not Paying Attention to the Shape of the Toe

You might like the look of traditional boots, but you might not realized that they may not be good for your particular feet. Traditional cowboy boots have more narrow toes than other shoes because they were made so that cowboys were able to slip their boots in and out of stirrups quickly. If you have wide feet, you might be better off getting boots with rounded toes or other styles.

Not Thinking About How You'll Use the Boots

You might be looking for a certain style of cowboy boots because you like how they look, but thinking about how and where you'll wear the boots is important. If you want to wear your boots out dancing, a curved heel might not be right for you, since those heels are usually for horseback riding. Do you plan to use your boots at rodeos? In that case, you'll need a short-heeled boot for getting off your horse with speed when you've roped a calf.  

Not Considering Heel Height

The heel is one of the most important things to consider when buying cowboy boots. While most boots have a chunky heel, knowing the height of the heel can help you select the most appropriate boots for your needs. High heels can boost your height of course, but if you plan to spend your days walking around town, high heels might be uncomfortable and you should opt for low heels. However, if you plan to ride horses, a higher heel might help you more easily keep your footing inside the stirrups.

Ignoring Maintenance

Buying a pair of cowboy boots without thinking about maintenance is one way to make your boots look run down and shoddy. In order to keep your boots looking good, you must pay close attention to the manufacturer's directions about cleaning and polishing them. All boots are different and if you don't use the right kind of cleaner, you might end up ruining your boots.

If you can, read care instructions for any boots you're thinking of buying before making your purchase. If you do that, you can figure out whether the required maintenance regiment is one you can keep up with.

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid when getting a pair of boots, use the information here to help you make smart decisions. You'll soon have cowboy boots that are right for your lifestyle. For more tips, check out a company like Texas Boots.