Not Happy With The Way Your New Clothes Fit? 3 Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Corset

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Not Happy With The Way Your New Clothes Fit? 3 Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Corset

15 October 2015
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You bought new clothes, but you don't like the way you look in them. Instead of taking the clothes back to the store, get some help for your figure. Take a look at the waist training corset's that are so popular now. Corsets are the perfect way to reshape your tummy and give you the figure you've been dying to have. Before you go out and buy the first one you find, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Here are three tips to help you choose the perfect waist training corset.

It's All About the Bones

When choosing a waist training corset, it's important that you take a close look at the bones. The bones are the thin strips that run vertically around your corset. They are designed to keep your body straight while they reshape your waist.  They do this by maintaining the shape of the corset once it's on your body.

A good corset should have reinforced steel bones. The steel bones are flexible, so they can bend with your body. Because they're steel, they won't wear out or break during use, like plastic bones can.

Don't Forget the Rusks

You might be wondering what a rusk is. It's the steel strip that's sewn into the front of your waist training corset. Zippers can fail, but a reinforced steel rusk will stay tightly closed the entire time you're wearing your corset. A quality steel rusk will attach securely using small metal loops and hooks. With a steel rusk, you won't have to worry about your corset popping open while you're wearing it.

Look At the Grommets

Take a look at the grommets. The grommets are the round holes that the waist tape laces through. You're going to be pulling the waist tape extremely tight, so you need your grommets to be tough. Reinforced steel grommets will hold your waist tape in place all day.

Finally, each row of grommets should be surrounded by two steel bones. This will reinforce the back of your corset, so you can pull the waist tape as tight as you need for the perfect figure enhancement. The last thing you want is for the fabric to shred around the grommets while you're wearing your corset.

Reinforced steel can help you get the perfect hour-glass shape you want. These handy tips will help you choose the perfect waist training corset. For more information, contact a professional women's clothing store, like Granger Owings Classic Clothiers.