Love Boots? 2 Types You Can Choose From

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Love Boots? 2 Types You Can Choose From

13 October 2015
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If you love boots, there are many different types you can choose from, which can make the choice very hard. To help you choose, below are two different types you will see when you start shopping for them. This information should help you make the best decision on what will work best for you.

Combat Boots

Combat boots were designed for men and women in the military and they still wear them today. Soldiers wear these types of boots because they provide them with good traction through different types of environment during battle.

The combat boots you can find today in shoe or department stores are fashionable and functional. Combat boots are generally made of leather, with the soles made of rubber. You can find them with a flat heel, mid heel, and high heeled. The shaft typically comes up to the mid shin, but you will find it reaching up to the knee.

They generally lace up and usually go up to the mid shin. You may also find combat boots that button up. If you want true combat boots, you can purchase them in military surplus stores, or you can find them in most shoe departments in clothing stores. They usually come in black, but you may also find them in brown.

Cowboy Boots

You can find cowboy boots with a squared, rounded, or traditional tip toes from stores like Cowpokes. They are made with different materials, such as ostrich, snakeskin, bison, stingray, and alligator. You can also find cowboy boots made with just plain leather, which is usually the best material. This is because leather is much softer, and provides you with more movement.

Manufactures cut out individual pieces to make the top part of the cowboy boot. In some cases, this is done by hand, or is done in a factory. The top part has three parts: the part that covers the back heel, the part that covers the top of the foot, and the part that covers both sides of the ankle. In the boot world, you will hear these three parts called the counter, the upper, and the vamp respectively. A lining is put on the back of each individual piece, and then the pieces are stitched together. In most cases, a computer stitcher is used to make the colorful and intricate stitching. The bootmaker then shapes everything together to complete the boot.

These are only two types of boots you can wear. Visit a shoe store to see what they have, and try different ones on so you can see what you like the best. You may even want to buy more than one pair if you have different styles you like to wear.