New Runner? How To Get Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse

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New Runner? How To Get Ready For The Zombie Apocalypse

11 November 2014
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You need to get ready in case there is a zombie apocalypse. You can save yourself by outrunning the zombies. If you are new to running, however, do not slip on those running shoes and take off. Your body will not be happy with you, and you will injure yourself quickly. Below are some tips to help you get up to the speed you need to be to stay away from those zombies.

Get in Shape

Do some strength training, low impact training, and clean up your diet. Low impact training could be something like biking, hiking, swimming, and walking. There are strength-training exercises made specifically for runners.

If you eat junk food and drink soda, etc., get rid of it. You should concentrate on eating healthy foods, such as vegetables, whole grains, and fish. Swap sugary drinks with water. By eating right and exercising, you will be amazed at how quickly you will get in shape.

Warming Up

Before you start running, you need to make sure you are warmed up. Some warmups you can do include:

  • Walk slowly for five minutes
  • Jog easy for five minutes or more
  • Gradually accelerate for 100 meters, and then gradually decelerate.
  • Shake your legs for 60 seconds every 15 minutes.

You can get your muscles warmed up by skipping for 50 meters. You can then do the shuffle by stepping side to side for about 10 minutes, and do some backward jogging.

How to Run

It is important for you to learn the right way to run so you do not injure yourself. Put on your running shoes to give your arches and ankles support.

When running, take short strides, and when your foot goes down, land on the ball with your knee bent. This will help your foot to absorb the shock instead of the muscles in your legs.

It can help to start out running barefoot if you can. This way you can concentrate on putting your foot down properly.

Wear a Sports Bra

You should make sure you wear a sports bra when you start running. This will give you the support in this area you need. They also have sports bras with pockets (not necessarily festival bras) so you can carry your keys, change, etc., with you. This is helpful when you run away from your home, such as at a park.

Start Slowly

Do not do too much running too soon even if you feel like you can.  You are using muscles you have likely not used in a while. Because you were likely running the wrong way, it takes time to get use to the new style.

You can also improve your technique by running up hills. This is because you take shorter strides when running up hill, and land on the balls of your feet.

Cool Down

It is important that you cool down in the right way when you finish running. This will help your heart rate get back down to normal. Cool down by changing your running into walking for a few minutes.  You also need to stretch out your calves so they will not hurt the next day.

As you run, you will get faster and faster. This will allow you to outrun zombies so they cannot eat you.